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arielle fierman, designer of iloveme collectionArielle Haspel of Bewellwitharielle.com created this jeWELLry collection as a reminder for women to love themselves and take care of themselves.

She turned her passion into a business when she noticed the disconnect between how women were treating themselves. Once she realized that feeding your body and feeding your soul was dependent on food AND self-love, she created this as a gentle reminder to love yourself and treat yourself well.

All pieces are stamped with "iloveme" to inspire self-love and infused with "reiki" healing energy.


                                                                             About the Designer: Arielle Haspel trained in jewelry design at FIT, The                                                                              92nd Street Y, JCC Manhattan and in Italy and is a Nutrition and Healthy                                                                              Lifestyle Expert at Bewellwitharielle.com.

Press: The I Love Me Collection is worn by women all over the world and has has been featured in Glamour, The Doctor Oz ShowDaily Candy, SELF Magazine, ZINC Magazine and on the Celebrity Apprentice.

Life: Arielle lives in the heart of NYC, spreading the message of self-love with her jeWELLry and blog of healthy recipes.


Follow Arielle at @theilovemecollection @bewellwitharielle #ilovemering


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