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The above are fans posting photos of their jewelry! Check out #ilovemering to see more photos!)

The below are letters from our fans - women who own and LOVE their iloveme jeWELLry.

"This ring is a NEED - HAVE - WANT item. I treated myself to this beautiful piece (I never and refused to buy myself good jewelry) and I am so in love. Serious love.... " - Jennifer Lahotski

"I wear my i love me ring every day and absolutely love it; I feel like I’ve done something really special by buying it for myself. The engraving on the inside of the ring is a beautiful reminder of the commitment I’ve made to give and receive more love in my life. If I’m having a bad morning I look down and instantly feel reassured and remember I have the power to turn my day around. I have received so many compliments on how unique the ring is!" - Gina Garza

"I'm super excited for the ring! It will be a very good reminder for me these days. Thanks for designing such an important ring that I'm gifting myself! Looking forward to rocking it!" - Lexi Paulos

"Dearest Arielle!!!I just received my ring!! It is so heart warming. I can feel it's energy, it's so beautiful. Thank you so much for creating it." - Daria

'I LOVE my ring! It's so beautiful and full of character. Honestly, I shouldn't be spending this much money on a ring right now, but it is so worth it and I have to have it! I'm going to take real good care of it." - Saira Caridad

"Woke up this morning (not sure why so early) and I started cleaning my apt. In the middle of sorting papers and folding clothes I walked into my bathroom to put my iloveme ring on. I’ve had it on all morning while cleaning and now iIm back to laying in bed. It’s still on. I’m obsessed. It’s never coming off….I mean NEVER!." - Keri Nadler

"My iloveme ring has brought me so much love since I moved to London, that Ken proposed in July and we're off to France tomorrow in search of a wedding venue! Crazy!" -Lindsay Arenson

Arielle- I may or may not have just taken 6 pictures of the ring on the subway :-) I feel so beautiful. I was walking from the post office this morning thinking about how this was the most perfect purchase I've made for myself in a long time. - Lisa W. 

"Arielle: Your ring is a GREAT source of inspiration, beauty and pleasure! I'm loving admiring it when I wear it but more importantly - I recall the light you have around you and it inspires me. THANK YOU!" - Janet, ESL Consultant

"i love my ring. it's really strange, but i just feel better wearing it" - Jenn Valle

"I have my ring on and I literally feeel my hand vibrating from the love that was put into this ring, you rock!!" - Alison L.

"BTW, I have the envelope that you left my ring in, on my vision board. I wanted something on my board that reflected your uplifted energy. You wrote "Be Well, Arielle xoxo" on it, it's something that I see daily that lifts my spirits. Thank you:)" - Charla

"Thank you for the absolutely stunningly gorgeous ring - I cannot see myself going a day without wearing it and I cannot tell you how much I love it - thank you! Also, the guy at customs last night asked me about it! They normally treat you like criminals, and here I was telling him all about the ring! Love love!"- Pauline N. 

"I just wanted to share with you how much I love the iloveme ring that I just received! I'm a recent college grad and finally started, what I like to call, my first real "adult job" a couple of months ago. I really wanted my first splurge of a buy from this job to be one that meant something to me, one that reflected and reminded me of how empowered I feel at this moment in my life to be out on my own and taking care of myself as a young woman. When I saw the ring and then heard about the whole concept behind the piece, I knew that it was exactly what I was looking for! I saved up for a few months and was so excited when it arrived this weekend at my house. Thank you so much for making such a beautiful piece of jewelry with such a beautiful intent and spirit behind it!" - Brittany

"hello!!! soooo awesome to meet you last night! my ring is gorgeous!!! i slept with it on :-)" - Andrea G

"I'm head over heels in love with my i love me necklace! After eyeing it for a couple of years, I finally got it last summer and lovingly gave it to myself as a gift. I can't wait to get the iloveme ring one of these days :)"- Emily CN

'I purchased my iloveme ring last week and I can't help but stare at my hand all the time. The ring is not only beautiful but unique. It reminds me all day to LOVE MYSELF!!" - Nicolette

"My ring arrived this morning! What a beautiful and excellent and positive way to start a week! I absolutely LOVE this ring!!" - Vanessa G

"I am living in love with this ring attached to me every day!!!" - Emily C

"Arielle I get so many compliments on your ring and keep passing your info along to everyone that makes a comment on it!!!!!! Its a hit!!!!!!!!!!!! And I love it and wear it everyday!!" - KellyAnn

"Hi there Arielle, I LOVE THE RING..just thought I'd send you a is a perfect fit..and the packaging was beautiful. Many Blessings, Chinyere" 


I just want to say thank you, again, for the beautiful ring! I love love love it! Thank you for being so wonderful and coming up with such a great product! - Kristin M

"Arielle! I got my ring and I love it! I love what it represents and today, I needed it for sure! It is the polish color and those chocolates are very good, your packaging is thoughtful and empowering! So worth the wait!"- Debbie

"You are an inspiration (Understatement? Yes!) and I am honored to be one of the women sporting this beautiful ring and spreading the self-love." - Karissa B. 

"So here we are: iloveme earrings! Gotta complete the collection of ring and necklace and spread some IIN sisterly love! See attached for me wearing all of my iloveme collection with my soon-to-be baby!" - Therese

"Arielle! I received my iloveme ring! I cannot tell you enough how fantastic it is! I love myself more already just for buying it. I literally can't stop looking at my finger :) Thanks you so much for the beautiful ring..and all wrapped in a lovely package. Every detail is special. You're doing such awesome things. Keep it up :)" - Allison B

"Thank you thank you thank you!! Oh so beautiful and fits perfectly!!" - Linda 

'Hi Arielle, I just wanted to let you know that today I received my beautiful I love me ring. I was elated to notice that it fits perfectly. I got tears in my eyes for what this ring will bring to me. First will be a constant reminder to love myself more each day and I also expect that it will bring an endless abundance of love and happiness into my life. Because happiness begins with loving and accepting yourself as you are. Thank you so much for the reminder that we matter and that we all are worthy of love. Ciao, M"

"Arielle, Thank you!! From the gorgeous calligraphy on the envelope to the rose petals, this was truly a gift. The workmanship is better than any photo I saw online. The iloveme ring is a solid piece well worth the price. It is truly a statement piece! I'm so grateful to Gabrielle Bernstein for introducing me to it. I will wear it proudly on my trip to NYC this week. Many Blessings & Hugs", Amy W., New Orleans 

"Hi Arielle, I just wanted to let you know that I received the package yesterday. [The packaging] was so beautiful that I wouldn't even have wanted to open it. The ring is absolutely gorgeous and just the right size! This ring is going to be my daily companion and remind me constantly of the importance of loving and accepting myself so that I will be able to help and love other people as well." Lots of love xx M, London UK 

"Just ordered my i love me ring and Im so damn excited I cant even tell you. I literally just quit my current crazo wallstreet job and this ring is just a beautiful reminder of why the most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves. If that relationship is broken, everything else in our lives will be out line. I'm so grateful to have finally become aware of that and grateful for your beautiful ring to be a daily reminder of that. I'm looking forward to proudly sporting the ring on the west coast and hope to share the ILoveMe vibe in San Fran :)"- Julia, San Fran, CA 

"I absolutely love my iloveme ring (I pretty much coordinate my outfits around it daily!)"- @allison bader, FL 


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